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How to Recruit Developers Without a Recruiter

I was excited when I posted our first software developer position online. The internet was going to supply me with some great candidates. The excitement quickly faded. The 'candidates' I received were... »

How to Interview a Software Developer

I've found it costs about $2,000 to take a candidate through our interview process. Only half of the developers to whom we give job offers accept. It is expensive to make mistakes. We have three princ... »

How to Hire a Software Developer

A month ago I was scrolling through LinkedIn. I came across a post "How to Hire a Software Developer" authored by a recruiter from a recruiting firm. It had 5 points. I disagreed with 4 of them. Here... »

What are my options to replace Parse?

Recently, Parse announced that they are retiring their service effective January 28, 2017. If you use Parse for your mobile app, you probably already knew that. So what should you do if you use Parse... »